Private instruction is a remarkably effective and efficient for learning yoga.

The idea of a "yoga class" is relatively new. Traditionally Yoga was taught one on one or in small groups and tailored to the specific needs and proficiency of each student.
In a private session we individually address proper alignment, breathing techniques, mindfulness as well as injuries and limitations. Private lessons are for all levels of students from the complete beginner to advanced students. Ongoing private lessons are designed to continually deepen and refine the student's practice.

5 Reasons for private lessons

o   To understand Yoga basics – Learn the fundamentals of yoga at your own pace and with the focus that best fits you.  Yoga is meant to be a personal practice that cultivates physical as well as emotion balance and well-being and this type of session enables your personal exploration of yoga postures and practices.  Build confidence and skill in all aspects of your practice. 

o   To build a home practice - Many students find themselves practicing at home after experiencing the physical benefits of yoga in a group class, but also find it difficult to develop a consistent home practice.  This type of session is designed to help build a home practice that fits both your schedule and your needs.  We will identify the best times for practice, the most effective postures & sequences, as well as relaxation & breathing practices.  A home practice will help deepen your experience of yoga and support continued balance, health & healing. 

o   To support special needs – A group class is not an ideal setting for some students coping with issues such as chronic illness, injury, anxiety or limited mobility.  These types of sessions can be ideal with practices tailored to accommodate and support a student’s need.

o   To enrich and refine your personal practice – Deciding to deepen your personal yoga practice can be daunting.  With a glut of on-line yoga personalities and new styles of yoga popping up every year where does a student even begin?  This type of session will provide guidance, with a focus on your personal experience and fulfillment.  As you learn and grow as a student your practice grows with you, whether it is a more advanced and disciplined physical practice, or expanding your pranayama and meditation practices these sessions support your yoga journey.

o   To relax & restore - Yoga supports the natural healing processes of the body. A Restorative practice allows for deep relaxation of both body and mind allowing the body to open up and access the healing energy of the body.  These practices employ gentle dynamic movement, restorative postures using a variety of props to access deep effortless relaxation, mindfulness and breath practices as well as guided relaxation and meditation. 

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