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Yoga on Tap with 4Below Sunday Funday March 8

1-3 pm $15

Join Kara for a fun and feisty flow, and follow it up by heading across the street to 4Below for a snack or beverage of your choice! $15 includes 1 food/drink credit at 4Below

Experience Yin 

Sunday March 15, 1-2:30pm


Move methodically and meditatively to find deeply restorative and rejuvenating postures. Rest and let the sounds of a peaceful harp wash over you. A Yin class consists of a series of passive floor poses held for up to 5 minutes, designed to work deeply into the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues and receptive to the improved circulation, mobility and stability of yin postures.

On an energetic level, Yin yoga improves energy flow and enhances the flow of chi in the organs. Mentally and emotionally, yin yoga can improve focus and concentration, release stress and negative emotions, and allow for the mind to engage with itself.

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Body Truce Group with Andrea DiMaio Sunday April 5, 2:30 pm

Our culture has made it very difficult for everyone, but especially womxn, to be okay with our bodies as they are. We are constantly being told that we must change this and shrink that in order to even think about fitting in. We're also told that a lot of this is for our own good, for our health. Frankly, a lot of this is BS. What you have been taught is through the lens of diet culture and capitalism. There are other ways. Ways that take into consideration your mental health as well. Ways based in current science and research. You don't have to shrink your body. You can eat in a way that honors your internal signals instead of the latest diet or "lifestyle change". Your health isn't dependent on your body size either.

Because of this, it may be very difficult to "love your body as it is". A place to start might be to set a truce with your body. Body neutrality instead of body love might be a goal that sounds more attainable. You only have one body in this lifetime, learning to work with it instead of against it may just give you the confidence and FREEDOM you have been looking for.

Join our monthly group meeting to discuss Health At Every Size, Intuitive Eating and how to stop waging war on your body. You've been doing the same thing for so long, maybe it's time to do things differently. Even if you have been doing work to make peace with your body for a while, I've found having a community (in real life!) to talk about body image issues, struggles and successes to be life changing.

This month we will be using the Intuitive Eating workbook and start discussing the book, Health At Every Size. You don't have to own your own copies of the books but it is helpful.


March 20, 6:30 

Love Your Body Burlesque Workshop



The Laced Up Ladies will take you through a fun and body positive movement workshop where you'll practice shimmying and strutting your way to body confidence- grab a friend or two and come out for a fun Friday!

Sound Journey

Saturday March 21, 6-7:30pm


Join Janine Chimera for a blissful sound experience. Rest body, mind and spirit and allow the sounds of flute, bowl and chime wash over you. An experience that's not to be missed!


The Movement with Natalie Maggio

Friday, March 13 6pm $20

A unique movement experience to explore and enhance mind-body connection, self-acceptance and body awareness. Experience passive and active stretch, functional movement, mobility and stability Momentum and flow, restorative recovery, balance and breath.

Reiki and Restorative

Sunday March 27, 6pm


Supports provide opportunity for the body to engage in restoration and rest, while Reiki masters perform energetic manipulation. Soothe yourself, treat your

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