The goal with every class at Samsara Yoga Center is to create a positive nurturing atmosphere in which each student feels welcomed and able to work to their best effort safely and effectively.  A sense of compassion and appreciation within the individual toward their body and their current state of fitness is actively cultivated throughout class to promote self-confidence and healing.  Each student is encouraged to find personal meaning and satisfaction with their practice.  Classes at Samsara are uplifting and inward-moving and promote wellness, growth and transformation. Classes are designed to awaken the awareness of the body and mind allowing energy to flow more freely.



What is Hatha Yoga?

What is Iyengar Yoga?

What is Raja Yoga?

What is often referred to as “yoga” can be more precisely described by the Sanskrit word asana, which means physical posture.  Hatha is often translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon” and Hatha Yoga is commonly known as the yoga that brings union and balance between the body and mind.  Hatha Yoga is also sometimes translated as “forceful” yoga because of the physical effort of the poses, known as asana.  When practiced regularly Hatha Yoga becomes a path to uniting the body, mind, and spirit.  It balances the activity of the mind and the body allowing both to become calm, quiet, and still, while building strength, flexibility, and confidence.  A regular yoga practice will not only heal the body, but it will it will help you to be more positive and joyful.

Iyengar is a form of Hatha which emphasizes alignment and form.  Using props and deliberate, breath centered movement, students will gain stability, ease of movement, and flexibility while practicing at their own pace. Students will find that an Iyengar-based practice will have benefits in their everyday life, as increased body, breath and mental awareness will find its way into daily activities.

Simply put, the aim of Raja Yoga is meditation and enlightenment, as such classes at Samsara are calming, centering, and inward moving in support of a relaxed and energized body as well as a still mind.  

Class Cancellations/Refunds/Make-ups

Minimum Class Registration:
At least five (5) students must register for a class and six (6) for a workshop in order to run it.  If a class is cancelled due to low registration you will be notified by email and receive a full refund.

If you cancel your registration or drop a class series: 

If you drop out of a series class within 24 hours prior to the start of the first scheduled class you will be refunded 100% of the class price. If you do not cancel and don’t attend the series for which you are registered the full fee for the workshop is due. To be fair to all, there are no exceptions to this policy.

Class Make-ups

If you miss a class you can make it up by attending a different class during the same session, or use it on any class within 60 days (limit 2).


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